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What is the Junior Daughters of the King  – JDOK??

Junior Daughters of the King provides girls or young women the opportunity to grow in their love and knowledge of Jesus Christ while serving their church and community. They are an integral part of our Order and we pray that they continue the mission of The Order by transitioning to a senior Daughter.
All members of The Order undertake a Rule of Life, incorporating a Rule of Prayer and Rule of Service. Junior Daughters make a promise, or pledge, of daily prayer and service.  Unlike senior members of The Order, Junior members do not have denominational requirements – all baptized girls are eligible.
Keep in mind that there really isn’t anything out there for girls quite like the Junior Daughters of King.   A Junior chapter is often made up of girls of different ages, different schools, even different denominations, and yet they all make the same promise of prayer and service to our Lord Jesus Christ and all wear the same kind of cross.  It is a very unique opportunity.
Junior Directresses are charged with mentoring and guiding these young women by providing a sacred and safe space for them to fellowship. Directresses facilitate meetings and service projects and lead activities that will help them to grow in their relationship with Jesus. The Directress is a liaison between the senior Chapter and the Junior Chapter, encouraging the seniors to share their gifts with the Juniors.

 What Junior Daughters Do

  • Make a promise of daily prayer and service to our Lord Jesus.
  • Make a promise to be Christ’s faithful servants and to extend His Love to all people.
  • Work to grow in our Christian faith and commitment through fellowship, prayer and Bible study.

 What Junior Chapters Do

  • Encourage members to grow in their relationship to Jesus Christ through personal and group prayer and Bible study.
  • Provide opportunities to serve their church and community.

If you are interested in an exciting adventure of leading girls and young women to a closer relationship with Jesus, please contact: Vicki Terrell and Adelle Muller-McKinstry, Co-Directresses for Junior Daughters of the King – Diocese of Texas

Contact: Vicki at Send Email   or  281-235-9890 (c)   -or-   Adelle at Send Email   or  713-870-8213 (c)


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